Miranda Sheffield for Pomona City Council District 6

Miranda Sheffield for Pomona City Council District 6

Real, Progressive Change.

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Hi, I’m Miranda Sheffield (she/her).

I am running for Pomona City Council because I care deeply about our city’s future. My experiences as a student, worker, and single-mother have all prepared me to be an effective civic leader…

Our Issues

Housing & Renter’s Rights

Everyone deserves safe housing. We can protect our houseless children and assist struggling families.

Racial & Economic Justice

We can do more to address disparities that permeate all aspects of our community.

Environmental Justice & Public Health

Environmental justice provides the basis for sustainable, local communities.

Police Oversight & Accountability

Police oversight can benefit the entire community, police officers themselves, and elected officials, as well as improve community relations.

What’s Going On?

Open Letter to Pomona Residents

To Pomona residents, Yesterday, I and other community leaders engaged in an uplifting protest to honor specifically the life of Breonna Taylor who would have been 27 years old that day. But unfortunately she was murdered in her sleep, in her own home by police officers.  We sang Happy Birthday to Breonna in the streets […]

Solidarity March Sunday June 7

Join us on the corner of Preciado & White in Pomona, CA on June 7 from 3-5pm to march in solidarity and stand up for justice. E-Mail team@mirandasheffield.com with questions.

Miranda For Pomona Sign

COVID-19 Update II

Good morning residents!  I am providing an update to you about my recent activities in our city and throughout District 6.  First, I would like to send my sincere condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one due to the coronavirus. We are currently moving through some very difficult times right now, but I […]


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