The Issues

Miranda Sheffield is passionate about a number of issues which effect a strong percentage of Pomona residents, and residents of California alike. A life long Pomona resident, Miranda is a strong proponent of community, and helping others.

Housing & Renter’s Rights

Everyone deserves safe housing.

Displacement, Rent Control, and Housing Affordability in Pomona are three hard issues Miranda plans to tackle head on when elected to council. Miranda feels strongly about focusing on challenges Senior Citizens face with unsustainable rent costs in Pomona. A member of Pomona United for Stabilized Housing (PUSH) and proponent of Just Cause Eviction, she aims to ensure that the City of Pomona understands that housing is a human right for all residents.

Police Oversight & Accountability

Public safety is a community issue that demands real, community input and accountability.

Police oversight can benefit the entire community, police officers themselves, and elected officials, as well as improve community relations. With this, Miranda supports Civilian Oversight for the Police Commission. Also a member of Police Oversight Starts Today (POST), Miranda works with other community leaders to create a police commission that has real power and authority to challenge police misconduct, shifting power back to the community.

Racial & Economic Justice

We can do more to address disparities that permeate all aspects of our community.

Miranda supports the diverse immigrant, undocumented, women, and youth who make Pomona such an amazing place to live. Once elected, Miranda plans to provide real sustainable opportunities for employment and job creation in our city. Racial and Economic Justice are causes that Miranda plans to assist through direct community action and community oversight.

Environmental Justice & Public Health

Environmental justice provides the basis for sustainable, local communities.

20% of Pomona residents are currently living below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level, and 52% are living 200% below the Federal Poverty Level. Through job creation and employment, Miranda Sheffield plans to directly address this.

Many low income communities and communities of color are disproportionately exposed to environmental toxins and pollutants. This puts residents at risk of various diseases, strokes, preterm birth, cancer, and respiratory issues. Miranda plans to address Environmental Justice aggressively, to ensure that all Pomona residents are afforded the quality of life they deserve as residents of our great city.

How can District 6 become a better place to live?

I invite the community to co-create and highlight the issues that are important to us. What do you care about? Let’s know better in order to do better.