COVID-19 Update

Good morning Pomona residents,

I know many residents are concerned about the recent news of the first COVID-19 case being here at the Pomona Valley Hospital (PVH). This morning I spoke to a key spokesperson at PVH to make sure our community is getting accurate information about the nature of this situation.

Right now the exposure level is low. The health associates who were involved in treating the patient diagnosed with the COVID-19 are currently self-quarantined at home until the Los Angeles Public Health Department is able to release the test results for those exposed to the patient.

I was also informed that one of the biggest concerns right now is: access to Coronavirus test kits. Based on information shared with me most states are only getting maybe 20 test kits per state which is a real concern. As of right now, PVH is addressing the immediate exposure within the hospital; the Los Angeles Public Health Department is tasked with investigating and tracking the patients steps before they were admitted to the hospital.

Additionally, the delay of test results is concerning. Pomona Valley Hospital has been able to secure test samples, but the test samples are then sent to the LA County Public Health for processing, where test results take at minimum 3 days to be released. We are in urgent need of test kits for those in our immediate surroundings.

Our PVG staff and professionals are taking all of the necessary precautions necessary to ensure there is a handle on the situation.

Always check with trusted sources for the latest accurate information about novel coronavirus:

World Health Organization Organization:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

California Department of Public Health:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

Los Angeles County residents can also call 2-1-1

In Solidarity,

Miranda Sheffield

Pomona City Council Candidate, District #6