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Miranda Sheffield Announces Her Candidacy for the 2020 Pomona City Council Member Elections

Pomona, CA, Release: January 19, 2020. For Immediate Release

At her alma mater, Pomona High School, Miranda Sheffield proudly announced her independent candidacy for Pomona City Council District 6. Sheffield is a long-time resident of Pomona, organizer, student, and mother. Her campaign seeks people centered change in Pomona. Sheffield will face two incumbent council-members in this year’s local district race. 

Surrounded by her family and community, Sheffield’s platform prioritizes greater access to affordable housing, healthcare, and public transportation. Sheffield is determined to run a people-centered and grassroots campaign. Her personal and work experiences in the foster care system, participation with the Pomona Action Solidarity Collective, activism in housing and police oversight, as well as Masters’ Degree in International Human Rights Law (University of London ‘19) are testaments to her community-based efforts. From local to international issues, Sheffield is committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable world. 

“This campaign is about people’s power. This campaign is about all of us coming together to build a better and more just city for us and future generations. This is not another campaign driven on individual interests. This is our campaign,” is one of Sheffield’s key messages. Her campaign tour will encourage voter registration and host a series of people’s assemblies throughout the city focused on a variety of issues to engage community members. 

Amber Rose Howard, Nashon Mitchell, and Jesus Sanchez, all Pomona community members, shared their testimonies in support of Sheffield’s campaign. Their personal, political, and professional relationships with Sheffield span the entirety of her time in Pomona. Their strong endorsements were heard amidst the community’s applause. 

Sheffield’s work with the Pomona Action Solidarity Collective is especially relevant to her people-centered campaign. The collective serves as an organic community space pushing for transformational change in Pomona. PAS is “a collective of the unseen and unheard residents of Pomona that aim to empower community members around learning the local political landscape and alternative forms of governance by building resilient and accountable elected officials, community based organizations, and governments.” Sheffield’s campaign will announce upcoming local assemblies and other events that are dedicated to facilitating community dialogues in Pomona starting now. 

Learn more about Miranda Sheffield and her campaign by visiting:

Contact Info 

Miranda Sheffield 2020 Pomona City Council Campaign 

Phone: (909) 784 5727

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @Miranda4Pomona

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