Open Letter to Pomona Residents

To Pomona residents,

Yesterday, I and other community leaders engaged in an uplifting protest to honor specifically the life of Breonna Taylor who would have been 27 years old that day. But unfortunately she was murdered in her sleep, in her own home by police officers.  We sang Happy Birthday to Breonna in the streets to honor her life. 

It has come to my attention that many of our Pomona community members have been concerned about the role I played in protesting at the mayor’s house with other Pomona protesters. I would like to make it clear that as a mother, I understand wholeheartedly how much this targeted advocacy may be seen as harmful to Mayor Sandoval’s family and newborn son.

 As a mother I frequently live in fear, feeling concerned for my daughter because she is Afro-Latina, also due to the constant threat of gender violence. I want my constituents and future supporters to know that my intentions for standing with protesters is rooted deeply in wanting to ensure the feeling of fear and need of protection does not continue to flow for so many other Black mothers who constantly feel uneasy whenever their children leave their home, with the threat of police violence. I hope the feelings being shared right now about Mayor Sandoval and his family also help us understand how much of a lived daily reality this is for many Black parents.

If we want Pomona to be a city that grows into a brighter  future, we must reckon with the moment we are moving through right now. We deserve a mayor and a city council that will not only listen, but will also take measures and meaningful steps in uncomfortable moments to address harms in our communities, not just at the national level, but also those impacted by police brutality at the local level. This also serves as a real opportunity to acknowledge our Black neighbors and institutions in our community, so that they know they are seen.

We need courageous and bold leadership that will listen to the working class Black people in our community, on whose labor the city runs. When we fight for Black lives, we all win. 

I ask that if the mayor really values protest, and values community coming together, that he speaks to these systemic harms happening in Black communities. 

We ask that he see this as an opportunity to further engage in transformative actions for a just Pomona. Rather than condemn and shame the protests, we ask that he allow the bravery of those who showed up and took part in civic action/duty.

Those that are condemning the protest on Friday are some of the same people who cannot, or refuse to, say that Black lives matter. They refuse to say the names of those killed by police brutality, or to understand that this moment is much bigger than police brutality. This moment connects to historical harm. We have heard even yesterday from youth, with tears in their eyes, that their lives don’t matter. The protest at the mayor’s house should not diminish the need and call for justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Please join me in solidarity at the next protest to continue our collective fight to demand justice for these individuals and many others whose lives were taken too soon.

I invite anyone who is concerned about yesterday’s community led protest to please feel free to contact me directly by email or to call me 909-784-5727  on my cell if you would like to discuss this matter further. And lastly, thank you to the overwhelming residents in Pomona District 6 who have sent messages and calls about their support for my campaign.  As a community we will secure this victory together!


Miranda Sheffield 

Social media:@miranda4pomona

  1. Wow when I read your letter I was so moved and affirmed again of why I continue to be in solidarity with you and your Hope’s for Pomona.

    Then I proceeded to read the comments expecting to read more statements of solidarity and instead find all these antiblack comments.

    I never want to use my position as a person of color to claim that I know what is right or that I’ve worked hard to be somewhere.

    The truth I know is that antiblackness is insidious its shows up in all of our lives and how can we step back and really take in deep reflection to hold ourselves accountable versus become defensive. How do we open ourselves up to trust and hear what folx in the black community are sharing with us versus being skeptical and shutting it down. We have so much work to do as a community especially people of color who claim solidarity but don’t take the time to understand the tactics and approach.

    Defunding the police is about imagining a new way, not allowing an inherently oppressive system go on and instead investing in people and needs: housing, jobs, mental health, education, medical care. If that’s devisive perhaps that’s the real issue why people think we all don’t deserve access to basic human rights.

    As a mayor as a politician I think folx understand their role and responsibility. You will be held accountable and if people are fearful of doing that that is an exact root cause outcome of this country historical legacy of denial of the maafa, of the attempt to completely destroy the black community.

    Yes mayor we hold you accountable as we should to ask for what we want which is a different system. You can March in the name of BLM but you also have power and privilege and how can you use that to move towards more systemic change. The city council of Minneapolis has already committed to defunding the police.

    Thank you Miranda for leading us, thank you for being light, thank you for your eloquence and solidarity. We stand with you.

    • Because when people have different views and don’t agree they become anti black ? This is forever gonna be your only defense ? Trying to bully people by saying they’re racist because they don’t believe on the APPROACH (not the cause).

  2. From one black mother to another……save the dramatics this is hardly a concern of mine

  3. Miranda,
    No one is bashing you about the themes of protest. Just admit you picked the wrong target. You shouldn’t have turned a family’s private home into a political stunt. You shouldn’t have targeted the Mayor that has done more in anybody’s living memory to bring this city together. Stop making your mistake the center of attention when black lives lost and real reform is the real issue.

  4. I didn’t agree with the approach either, I am a minority as well and so is the mayor he has shown support to BLM and I support BLM but showing up to his house was inappropriate…. Maybe a straight March to the Police station and places where you know people need to be enlightened but this was not it

    • What you did was disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Luckily you showed your true colors, and now the people in district 6 will know who not to vote for. Why would we want someone in office who will divide us? Tim is a great man and has done so much for Pomona!

  5. So your answer to the problem is to make all the other races feel what blacks feel, so let’s go demand everyone get on their knees, let’s go harass people at their houses, let’s go burn their businesses and destroy their lives work just to prove that black life’s matter, and also let’s get rid of the police, if you truly believe this is the answer then you’re not the right person to be our mayor. We must come together as a community and vote her out!

    • FYI- She’s not running to be Mayor of Pomona. She is running to be District 6’s city councilmember.

  6. “And this is when she realized…. she fucked up”

    Better luck next year.

  7. I was so pissed that residents were concerned about the mayor’s baby, but can’t connect that black and POC babies are traumatized at the hands of police brutality every damn day. Tim’s baby is more than okay

    • As an ally to the cause & as a parent, I am empathizing with the Mayor for the following reasons:

      1. The Mayor has been an ally to the cause, which has been demonstrated both vocally and through actions. He marched the previous week to the city hall with other city council members.
      2. The Mayor and his wife being brand-new parents having to deal with the normal stresses in addition to having an angry group of protestors showing up at his private residence off-hours, shouting in his face. NOT COOL anyway, you try to justify it. How would you have reacted? Don’t give me the BS elected official rhetoric. LA County has an ordinance that makes it unlawful to protest at a private residence ( He could have called the cops to remove the protestors immediately, but he didn’t.

      If your cause is about ACAB, and wanting to defund the police department, then take your protest directly to the Pomona Police Department or City Hall. Defunding the police will not correct the systematic issues we are looking to remedy. Defunding the police department only advocates for anarchy. If you want to preach anarchy, that’s your prerogative, but don’t preach anarchy on under the guise of equality & BLM platform. Dividing a community of supporters is not going to further the cause.

      We need unity. Have you read the comments on the P.O.S.T. official statement about Friday’s protest? Their supporters are preaching anarchy and racism under the guise of #BLM and equality. I cannot get behind any organization that promotes inequality and seeks to bring unnecessary division to our city.

      Here’s the link for reference
      Don’t get it twisted. The organizers and most vocal supporters of this protest do not believe in equality for everyone. Why should we support your cause? According to this post, my brown skin tone doesn’t matter because I worked hard to put myself through college and managed to climb the socioeconomic ladder.

      Instead of undercutting our success, reach out and see how we can be the shoulders you can stand on. Why are you so bent on creating division amongst allies? Very counterintuitive.🤦‍♀️

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